Donkey’s Milk gives life…

With the confessions of world’s oldest woman, Maria Esther de Capovilla about donkey’s milk, it has apparently added another contender to cow’s milk, followed by camel milk. Facts provided by the owner of Belgium’s only donkey milk farm at Asinerie du Pays des Collines at the Chateau des Mottes point out that donkey’s milk is a ‘nutritional goldmine‘ as good as ‘human milk‘ in being the lightest milk in the world going a long way in being allergen free and non-perishable in nature. In a nutshell, all the metaphors and list of nutritional content takes Maria Esther to claim that donkey’s milk adds to one’s lifespan

The facts only go a long way in convincing the consumers that donkey milk increases life span. However, the capacity of the milk to cut down cost of production by going to the shelves without pasteurization can make it an industrial favorite. Scientific analysis of Maria Esther’s claim will not bring out-of-the-box results, as the immuno stimulants in donkey’s milk had already made news with its medicinal properties in asserting to treat diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis and cancer.

Donkey milk is already make its mark in the cosmetic industry because of its regenerative properties and presently it is reported to sell at Rs.600 per liter in India, imagine if the confessions of world’s oldest woman comes true, what profits it would reap for the global milk market.

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