Witchetty grub – I like eating worms…I am not an Australian

There has been a lot of aboriginal influence on Australia cuisine, which might seem weird to some, yea to a certain extent eating witchetty grubs seems a bit weird to me.

Witchetty grub is white and its head is black and yellow, with the length of 12cm long and a width of 3 cm. It lives in the roots of the Witchetty Bush, and is therefore called as the Witchetty grub. Witchetty grub is dug out of dug out of the trunks and roots of gum trees during the summertime.

The aborigines used to eat it live and raw, imagine you to be pick-eaters, picking up the little pieces of larvae and popping them in snack-time…I am not changing the concept of finger foods. Well, upscale restaurants roast the grubs like satays, these barbecue food is served as an appetizer and is highly nutritious. The center of the grub is quite juicy, it has a sweet, juicy flavor, quite like chicken, and to some it tastes like eggs. Not to confuse you much this weird food tastes weird, which is a crazy cross between chicken and prawn. Supermarkets in Australia are selling tinned witchetty soups.

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