Fresh crocodile meat! The latest delicacy

You must have relished all sorts of meat as a delicacy. But now try on the new fresh slaughtered crocodiles that are available in the supermarkets of China. These crocodiles that are generally found in zoos were spotted when they were being sold in Guangdong Zhongshan’s huge supermarket. These beheaded and lifeless crocodiles laid on ice were awaiting their sale for the very first time as a part of food for Zhongshan residents.

The unlucky crocodiles were being sold at the seafood section of the store. They are supplied to the supermarket by a nearby farm during the weekends. For the safety of shoppers these are slaughtered outside the farm. The motionless animal that was kept for sale caught attention of many onlookers. Some were seen asking the staff of the store whether it was legal to eat crocodile meat and the method of cooking it.

The delicacy cost 198 Yuan for 500 grams however its paws were little costly and were sold at 300 Yuan each. The supermarket claimed that crocodile meat was sold at very fast speed and fetched them a few thousand Yuans in a very short time.

Many countries like Australia, Cuba and South Africa are the consumers of crocodile. In some of the US restaurants one can also have it as a specialty. Its meat is white in color with high level of cholesterol.

Crocodile is one of the 54 animals that have been approved for breeding for consumer purposes by the Chinese government

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