Fiddling with the Fiddlehead Ferns

Have you ever tasted ferns? If you were safe even after eating ferns then Foodmall would definitely encourage you to eat more of it, provided you give illustrations of how eating this weird food just for the heck of it has saved people from stomach cancer, food poisoning, beriberi and other deficiencies. This traditional dish of New Brunswick had caused food poisoning way back in 1994. Therefore, it is recommended to cook fiddlehead ferns thoroughly before consuming. However, the ostrich ferns available in North America are safe for consumption

The ferns that are eaten in eastern and central Asia are Cinnamon ferns and Ostrich ferns, in springtime. Ferns are rinsed off from its brown husk and steamed properly before sauting, simmering or baking. If you plan to store ferns make it a point to blanch them properly, they remove the bitterness, and poison from the ferns, and later on pack them, it sealed bags. Ferns can be folded into salad or blended in a soup with carrots, it can be sauted with mushrooms or morels, and it can be baked and pickled. Name it as you can but I must say that it is like Japanese Fugu, God save you in the efforts of making the poisonous foods edible.

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