Eating Goat’s Head not the Scrap

From the Skop and not the scrapple, a goat head never looked good to the ethnic communities in Nigeria. However, fragmented pieces of the goat or the cow’s head are fine for them, few can relish the brain, eye, ear and tongue on a single plate and for few it is impossible in Nigeria…same here.

The goat’s head is cleaned properly, and burnt properly to remove the hair from the skin. The head is clean-shaven with a razor and then burnt, later on, it is fragmented with an axe and the desired parts of the head are restored for cooking. The brain, eyes, ears and tongue is cooked are traditionally cooked in a heavy mortar, with onion, garlic and ginger paste, lots of tomatoes, chilies and other seasonings. As the dish is traditionally eaten with fingers, you had better be careful of biting into an eye, that stuff is only good for the Igbos, were goat’s eye is served to the guest of honor.

Some people also do not prefer roasting the head as a whole…I know you people cannot eat it nor can I, so you better gorge on the fragmented version and eat it with a fork securing your hands from squirting an eyeball. So, if you have decided to have it, all the best.

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