Bread Art…goes gruesome

Hey I have got a weird food creation that I surprisingly did not hit even in my Weird Food Series.No please do not be aghast at my insensitivity it is Bread Art. I would not call my previous post on naked body bread as weird food, but the pics right above depicting the bruised hands and feet, battered heads and other internal organs can aptly be called as one of the weirdest foods I have ever seen. The ‘Human Bread’ as they are called is made by 28-year-old art student Kittiwat Unarrom, who is a fine arts master’s degree student. Kittiwat says:

Of course, people were shocked and thought that I was mad when they saw the works. But once they knew the idea behind it, they understood and became interested in the work itself, instead of thinking that I am crazy.

Well making bread came to Kittiwat by default and he started making sculptures out of them by the virtue of his skills. In other words a feature on the bread-maker in The Red Orbit says:

As an undergraduate art student, Kittiwat started painting portraits. He then moved to mixed media and finally dough – a natural medium for him since his family runs a bakery.

Don’t panic the bread is made out of dough, raisins, chocolate and cashew nuts. Being a student of fine arts he has his own philosophies and to this gruesome art he applies the Buddhist philosophy, which dismisses trust on outward appearances…true enough and we need to come out of our molds to accept gruesome things of life, but what does Kittiwat say about reservations in food design that come out of personal preferences.

However, if people can start their first meal of the day with the edible head and other organs from the bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand hats off to them if they can bear to eat another humans body parts, if they had some Cannibalistic instincts. I have a couple of lines for him:

From Bread to Human Organ,

From books of anatomy to strokes of fine arts,

From philosophies to eccentricities,

Human Bread with bread, human organs, books of anatomy,

Strokes of fine arts, philosophies and eccentricities,

are presentations —

Of human mind forcefully wedded to culinary imagination

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