Blood pudding for breakfast

This 18th century blood pudding of the Acadian cuisine surprises me much. The blood pudding that is supposed to be the greatest creation of civilized society is made by coagulating the blood of a hog. I could have been at ease after finding it in an Eskimo’s bowl rather than in a sophisticated English breakfast.

But taste is a relative term and I dare taste it. But let me tell you that it is a favorite in Ireland and in the east coast of Canada and it is adapted in many ways. The English have their black pudding bound with Rusk and bits of fat in it. The French have their boudin noir with nowt but blood in the casing, the Germans blotwurst, the Spanish morcilla that is often bound with rice.

The blood pudding is made by simmering pork lungs, heart, and meat with onions and seasonings and after a little while it is bathed with blood and boiled for some more time. I cannot bet on it guys, it is having pork sans meat. Well, if you find this pudding interesting send in a recipe of your own or place an order for your blood pudding

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