Beetroot is the boss in Australian kitchen

Beetroot is the boss in the Australian kitchen. Australian boarders in Canada find it weird to eat a burger without beet slices and vice versa. A typical Australian burger has to have beetroot slices and eggs. Beetroots are not sauteed like carrots nor is it simply folded with salad plants, in Australia here, tins of cold pickled beetroot have been a staple in Australian kitchen cupboards for more than 40 years.

The beetroots are processed and canned at Golden Circle and the Australians love their beets cold and pickled. The beetroot is tinned in various forms, like beetroot wedges, beetroot in herbs and garlic, baby beets and beets that can be heated packed in glass jars.
Beetroot is used in salads, soups, sandwiches, meet rolls, beetroot roast, beetroot baked with horseradish and even in sauces. Now, Golden Circle is also planning to sell tinned beetroot juice. While eating beetroot is god for health but having it in almost every cold Australian delicacy, including meats is like the usage of coconut oil ion South-Indian cuisine.

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