Haggis: Scots boiling sheep scrap in sheeps stomach

I have just written a post on cooking with the stomach linings; this one is cooking in the sheeps stomach. This is the weirdest delicacy in the European continent. It is Haggis the National dish of Scotland. Though Haggis resembles the US delicacy scrapple, the latter is comparatively edible. In haggis the sheep offal, consisting […]

Guinness Book Records World’s Largest Buffet

A recent report has written about the World’s largest Buffet, which has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, with 510 dishes offered by Las Vegas Hilton Executive Chef George Bargisen. This buffet rolled out forty soups, hundred salads, hundred and fifty desserts and the rest with main courses on a hundred and fifty […]

Using Real Estate Companies to Find Rental Apartments in Edmonton

Do you want apartments for rent in Edmonton, Canada? Edmonton is Alberta’s capital. It’s on the north of River Saskatchewan. Many apartments are available in Edmonton. They are large buildings that contain residential suites. You will need to pay money regularly to use these suits. That money is rent. You should consider using https://apartmentlove.com/alberta/edmonton when searching […]

Fresh crocodile meat! The latest delicacy

You must have relished all sorts of meat as a delicacy. But now try on the new fresh slaughtered crocodiles that are available in the supermarkets of China. These crocodiles that are generally found in zoos were spotted when they were being sold in Guangdong Zhongshan’s huge supermarket. These beheaded and lifeless crocodiles laid on […]

Five-Headed Cabbage: The weirdest looking cabbage ever grown

I have personally never witnessed a cabbage with four heads, but Leroy Crear has witnessed it in his garden. Crear alludes to the five-headed beast referred to in the Bible when he talks about the cabbage. This is already the most unique shape that a common vegetable has acquired till date, and Crear is keeping […]